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I’m Paul Cardaciotto, and I am a journalism major at Rowan University.

Townhouse Parking Garage

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Living in the semi-new townhouses has its benefits, and one of the best is the parking garage. Limited to those only housed in these town homes, the parking garage stands three stories tall and has enough parking spots for every resident, and then some. In order to access this parking garage you must scan a card at the entrance, which opens up a gate to allow entrance. This ensures that only those who live in the townhouses are able to park in the garage, but this system is easily taken advantage of. What is to stop anyone from coming outside and scanning others into the parking garage? In the past the university hired a person to sit in a truck at the entrance to watch for such activity, but I haven’t seen him since last year. I’ll admit as a resident of the townhouses, it is much easier to simply scan your friend or girlfriend into the garage without having to go and fill out a slip granting them permission, and there is more than enough spots so no one will be left without one. Unfortunately even the process of walking to the garage to scan others in has become too troublesome, and since the beginning of the school year someone has broken the gate every single weekend. Sometimes it is always open and sometimes it is bent back, but most of the time it is simply ripped completely off. Now what once was a privilege of living in the town homes has become free game. What baffles me is that each and every weekend, Rowan goes ahead and fixes the gate, just so the next weekend it can get busted again. How many of these things do we have laying around? Is there some shed on campus filled with gates? And being that it gets destroyed practically every weekend, who is paying for it? Instead of wasting money for new gates all the time, why not install a security camera at the entrance? Hell, the thing doesn’t even need to work to scare the hooligans away. I think it is time Rowan takes a stand and puts an end to these ongoing shenanigans once and for all.

Picture taken by me, February 17, 2008


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February 18, 2008 at 4:40 am

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