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The Profs Place

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One of the more exciting events of last semester was the opening of the “Profs Place”, which is a place for students to eat, hang out with friends and shoot some pool. There are six flat screen televisions, two pool tables and two touch screen computers which you use to order your food. Sounds fantastic, I know. The only problem is the service, nine times out of ten, is terrible.

Let’s begin with the ordering process. Now, being that the touch screen computer actually works, you will make your selection and a ticket will print out with a large, bold number at the top. That is your order number. I don’t know about you, but where I come from this number signifies your place in line, and if you are number 401 you will be called before number 402. Don’t expect such organization at the Profs Place, because there isn’t any. Numbers seem to be called at random, and I constantly find myself watching a guy who ordered ten minutes after I did get his food before me.

Another problem is the way they let you know your food is ready- they yell it. You’d think with all the flat screen televisions and pool tables and touch screens in this place that they would have a better way of telling you your food is ready. What’s more is that they won’t yell loud enough sometimes, and you’ll never hear your number called unless you are standing right in front of the counter. The problem with that, however, is that this is where the touch screen computers are, and the people standing in line to order mixes with the people already waiting for their food and it turns into a circus. Don’t get me wrong, I am not just blaming the poor people who have to scream numbers all day. After a few hours of screaming I wouldn’t want to do it anymore either, that or I just wouldn’t have a voice left.

Another thing that bugs me about this place is that despite what you type into that touch screen computer, they always mess it up. They have all these options for ice, no ice, various cheeses, mayo, etc. Yet after going through all the trouble of typing in exactly what you want, you don’t get it anyway. You spend an extra 50 cents to get provolone cheese on your burger, and half the time you don’t get it. Yeah you can go up and complain and get another burger, but then you’d have to wait another ten minutes to eat, and by that time your friends will be done with their food waiting to leave.

They need to get on the ball over there at the profs place. The place is pretty nice, and it is a comfortable setting. All they need to do is get more organized with the ordering system, and think of a better way to let you know when your food is ready. If they get this right, I probably wont care when they forget my cheese.


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March 7, 2008 at 10:17 pm

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