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Sodexho Woes

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I recently read a great post by Gavin Farber over at his blog RU Involved, and it literally blew my mind.

The post, which is about the amount of money that Rowan’s food provider, Sodexho, is losing recently, discusses how students are stealing not only food, but silverware and plates as well.

Now taking the china is wrong because it is theft, and also because the more people take the more often we are going to need to use plastic utensils and styrofoam cups. Filling up your bookbag with entire meals in Ziploc bags is also obviously going to affect the budget if hundreds of students are doing it daily. What I don’t quite understand, however, is how students taking an extra cookie or banana as they are leaving could possibly affect anything. If the cookie is already made, it is just going to go to waste if nobody eats it. The same goes for the banana; if it is sitting on the rack for students to take, it was already purchased and therefore if nobody takes it, it too will go to waste.

Another interesting piece of information Mr. Farber writes about is how students are noticing other students leaving the cafeteria with an ice cream cone in their hands, and consider this stealing. I walk out of the Marketplace with an ice cream cone in my hand literally everyday, and not once have I ever thought that I was stealing anything. Does Sodexho really want me to sit down at a table and finish the ice cream cone before I leave? Would that really make any difference in how much money they are losing? Absolutely not. On top of that, the Marketplace already has enough problems with seating at certain times that I cleverly like to call the “hot times”, so I, being the nice guy that I am, opt to leave with my ice cream cone instead of taking up a table that others could be using. Honestly, if you saw some kid licking away at an ice cream cone with a huge grin on his face (because anyone who ever ate an ice cream cone knows that when eating one, you have a grin on your face) taking up an entire booth or table, you’d be pissed. The ice cream cone was invented to be eaten on the go, not sitting down. If you really consider eating one on the way out to be stealing, then please explain to me why the ice cream machine is situated near the entrance/exit of the Marketplace, the ideal location to be used as you are leaving.

If Sodexho is really losing tens of thousands of dollars because we take a cookie on our way out, they are doing something wrong. Just the other day my roommate and I went to the Marketplace for dinner. When we get to the register he discovers that he left his card in the room, so I used my dining dollars to get him in. Do you know how much it costs to eat in the Marketplace for dinner? Over nine dollars. He ate a bowl of cereal and a slice of pizza. I ate a salad and some french fries. I don’t think both our meals combined totaled nine dollars, let alone some cereal and a piece of pizza.

Come to think of it I am in a way happy that Sodexho is losing money because honestly, I don’t like their food. Every time I eat it I get a headache, and everything seems to have the same after taste to me. Being that I am a senior it won’t matter to me if they do or don’t supply the food for next year, but it will still give me at least a little peace of mind knowing no one else is getting a headache after eating their food.


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March 15, 2008 at 7:06 pm

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