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I’m Paul Cardaciotto, and I am a journalism major at Rowan University.

Rowan’s Website Is Bad

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I’m not sure if this problem only applies to me or not because who knows, maybe I’m a little slow or something, but why is it that I never seem to know when the food court is opened or closed? Does it close at a different time every day? It seems that every time I try to go there around dinner time and later, it’s closed. Then, the days that I’m not hungry and just happen to be walking by around the same time, it’s open. I checked Rowan’s website and found this section about the food court, but as you can see it is just a tad bit dated (look at the pictures). Now I understand that the hours are printed right on the door, but that doesn’t help me when I get a rumblin’ in my tummy back at my townhouse and have to walk all the way to the place just to find out that it is closed.

This brings me to my main point here: Rowan’s website is, well, bad. Just last year they unveiled the new and “improved” look for the website, but as hard as I try I just can’t seem to find any improvements. Every page looks different from the last, and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of consistency going on. It almost looks as if a different person made each page. Don’t get me wrong though, some pages look very professional and are layed out well, yet others look like they were constructed by farm animals.

But when it really gets to be a pain in the neck is when finals and midterms roll around. Year after year I find myself ripping my hair out trying to find a final schedule on the website and come up short each time. I’m no expert in web design, nor have I ever taken a class pertaining to the subject, but I did have my own website when I was in middle school and let me tell you what, that website put Rowan’s to shame. Kinda.


Written by rowanpains

March 26, 2008 at 8:32 pm

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  1. Admit it Paul, you made that website the other day.


    March 27, 2008 at 4:31 pm

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