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Bosshart Demolition

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For over a year Bosshart Hall has been empty. For over a year arguably the ugliest building on campus has been doing nothing but taking up valuable space and being an eyesore for students and passers by. On top of that, it is literally the one building that everyone must see; there is no way around it. Even if you are driving down 322 and happen to get stopped at the light, there is nothing else to look at but Bosshart. This can’t possibly do Rowan any good. Prospective students probably come to visit Rowan to see what the campus looks like, get an eye full of Bosshart and quickly turn around and drive home. In fact my Townhouse overlooks 322, and I see people stopped at the light next to the building with angry faces, muttering to themselves. I am semi-trained in reading lips, and from what I can tell it seems as if they are talking about how ugly Bosshart is.

Despite all this, Rowan has finally decided to get rid of this dump once and for all, and I don’t know about you but I sure was pleased when I heard the news. A few days later I saw construction vehicles and workers outside of the building, and knew that soon enough Bosshart would be no more.

I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

Turns out Rowan decided it would be a good idea to draw out this process and take down the building in a series of phases. Instead of plowing down this building with TNT and a wrecking ball and having it gone by the end of the week, they decide they are going to take it down brick by brick for the next ten years. In fact just yesterday I saw a worker walk up, put on a hard hat, grab a brick, toss it in a dumpster, and leave. All joking aside, the first two days the workers did remove of all of the windows. What did they do the next five days? Covered all the windows with black tarps. Why are they covering the building with black tarps? What are they trying to hide? Reliable sources have contacted Rowan Pains claiming to have sneaked inside the building and found workers engaged in leisurely activities such as dancing, playing cards and singing karaoke.

This building is ugly and needs to come down immediately, and there is no reason this demolition take until after graduation to be completed. The only logical conclusion I could come up with is that Rowan couldn’t afford to hire enough workers to get this building down quickly, thus being forced to make it a “slow” demolition. Fortunately I have just the solution to such a problem that I like to call National Destroy Bosshart Day. The premise is simple: place all sorts of hammers and explosives on a few tables outside of Bosshart Hall. Make an announcement a few days before hand explaining how ugly Bosshart is and that it is affecting interest in Rowan University. Attach a few pictures of the building to fully display the severity of the situation, and before you know it hundreds and thousands of kids will be fighting over who gets to break something next. Students would begin to bring grenades, fireworks and other destructive supplies from home. Bosshart would be taken down in mere hours. Problem solved.


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March 28, 2008 at 9:36 pm

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