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I’m Paul Cardaciotto, and I am a journalism major at Rowan University.

322 Is A Death Trap

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I was just reading the latest post over at the RU Crime Blotter about the condition of Jenn Fitzpatrick, the student who got hit by the truck on 322, and it reminded me of something; 322 is a death trap. There are only a few designated spots for people to cross on this road, and with the hectic life of a student, these spots aren’t always the quickest way to get to where you need to be. So obviously, people are going to be crossing wherever is best for them, being that there is enough space between the cars for them to run across without getting plowed. Well, this is a problem. 322 is a busy road, and there are thousands of kids crossing this road every single day. Something needs to be done, and I think that something is more spots for students to cross safely. A great idea would be to construct a few overpasses so that students never have to wait for a break in traffic to cross. Let’s face the facts here people, distractions are everywhere. One little mistake can result in a serious accident. The speed limit is only 30 MPH, but I can’t count how many times I’ve seen cars speeding by so fast that the wind nearly knocks me over. Even if drivers obey the speed limit, if you get hit by a car going 30 MPH you are going to be in some trouble.

To my knowledge, Fitzpatrick was the only person to be hit by a vehicle on 322 (this year, anyway), and as far as I am concerned that is one too many. As long as students used them, overpasses would eliminate the risk of any more accidents on 322, and would provide a way for people to cross the road without having to wait.


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April 11, 2008 at 1:14 am

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